Make the Most of Your Rod Holders and Racks.

Author: Marine Accessories

Rod holders can be fitted anywhere on a boat. But how do you figure out which spots on the boat make your fishing experience and undertakings the most effective?

Deck mount, side mount, fixed or customisable - ultimately it comes down to inclination angle and a sound number of experiments - so you can get the best results. Thankfully, Marine Accessories - Australia's leading one-stop boat accessories retailer is here to help.

So read on.. and let us know if you would like to see more of such contents.

Rod holders for bottom fishing

At the point when you are bottom fishing I will ordinarily have different rod setups for different species; Australian regulations allows a number of lines allowed in the water for every individual while in saltwater, and in freshwater depending on the species. for some eg. Red Snapper having a couple of various outfits builds the chances of bringing in a fish. We can do this by using a Snapper Rack to increase the spread of rods out the back of the boat. this can also be done with a corner snapper rack and a 3 way rod holder off the side of the boat. 

For instance, I was out pursuing trevally and bream while at rest, just to see a school of tailor and kingfish begin assaulting a snare school inside throwing separation. Instead of reel in and re-cast the lines that we previously had set out with snare, we got pre-fixed outfits which were put away in the Rocket Launcher.

The two rods donning little metal baits, we cast into the school and after a couple of snappy turns of the reel we were both snared. 

While numerous rod holders empower the capacity of back-up or crisis outfits, it likewise takes into consideration a more noteworthy degree of experimentation when you're out on the water. In case I'm focusing on bream and trevally while tied down, I will normally have four distinct rods fixed with four unique setups. Despite the fact that I have a sensible thought of which kind of lure to utilize, having the four alternatives out and prepared will assist me with establishing which lure has the best strike rate on that specific day. 

Rod holders for trolling 

When trolling for salmon, tailor, bonito, kingfish, Bluefin tuna, and of course Marlin I typically troll with three outfits – which will all be very unique to the ones I use when snare fishing; essentially for the way that I don't have to cast with them. 

Be that as it may, rod holder position, running profundity of the baits and the separation once again from the harsh is especially significant when trolling. Having three outfits will give you an assortment of positions at which to set the baits, while likewise assisting with keeping away from tangled lines. 

On each side of the vessel I will put an outfit with hard-bodied draws into a fixed Heavy duty Rod Holder. These draws will run at various profundities to maintain a strategic distance from tangles when turning the vessel about (bait profundity at possibly 2 and 4-meters). You can also use an adjustable  Multi Directional Rod Holder or a Multi Directional 3 Way Rod Holder to increase your spread, adjust the direction of your lines and to avoid tangling.

The center one will have an avoided bait and will be slowed down about 5m farther than the others, running on the outside of the water. This permits me to turn in a moderate circle while the draws either disregard under or one another. It additionally offers a greatly improved spread of baits to troll in clean water wide of the propeller wash. 

Then again, you could abbreviate up the inside bait so it is situated where the propeller wash comes up to the surface. The air pockets and clamor of the engine tends to draw in fish. 

Numerous fishermen who troll will connect a snap-on cord connecting their fishing outfit to their boat so that, in the energy of a catch, the rod won't be lost on the off chance that it goes over the edge. 

Regardless of whether on your vessel or at home, even rod holders will have your outfits prepared and off the beaten path. And there are many variants to choose from:

  1. Saltwater or freshwater fishing rod holders: Stainless steel and alloy fishing rod holders are better for saltwater because they don’t rust. Even though nylon and fibreglass will not rust, they are not as tough as treated metal fishing rod holders.
  1. Fixed or removable fishing rod holders: If a boat isn’t setup for fixed-mounted rod holders, removable rod holders that fit into vertical-mount brackets are the best choice.
  1. Flush, swivel, pivot and clamp mount fishing rod holders: Flush fishing rod holders allow your rods to stay vertical or at a fixed angle and are usually used in existing holes. For bigger game fish, pivoting or swivelling fishing rod holders are highly recommended.
  1. Adjustable and non-adjustable fishing rod holders: Adjustable fishing rod holders are a convenient, cost-effective option compared to those made of stainless steel. 


It is reasonable for expect that the abrogating dominant part of vessels bought nowadays accompany a rod holder design previously introduced. However, would they say they are truly where you need (or need) them? 

At the point when I purchased my vessel a couple of years back it accompanied Aluminum Head Rod Holders and two more at the harsh of the boat. So as to work out whether I required any more, I took it out a couple of times and messed about while trap fishing, trolling and throwing baits. Any holes in your set-up will immediately get obvious, and you'll know soon enough whether you have to move any, include some more or even remove a couple. 

From that point forward, I've introduced two progressively Side Mount Rod Holder before the engine for trolling. I can likewise utilize these rod holders to situate my drop-in trap board. The one I use is fundamentally the same as the Bait Board - Deluxe with 2 Rod Holder. 

In the case of trolling or lure fishing, I currently have an ideal set-up for my style of fishing. I have additionally introduced a rod storage with Fishing Rod Storage Racks where I can store 2 - 6 additional outfits when not being used. 

Having the rods put away at the back of the vessel and before the side reassure permitted us to uninhibitedly fish from the front of the boat when pursuing fish.

Instructions to store your fishing rods

All in all, what do you do with your casting rods once you've completed for the afternoon? Ideally they don't wind up threw to the side of your shed or carport, the same number of regularly do. 

Legitimate capacity and dismantling of your rods is similarly as significant as everyday consideration. In my carport I have various rods put away on the dividers in vertical and flat rod racks.  

Concerning the rods with the reels left on, I have them put away on a level plane on the roof in racks like the Deluxe Combing Rack by Sam Allen. The main distinction is that mine are held in by a plastic 'C' molded clasp that when pivoted will secure them set up. 

I'm a firm devotee that rod holders are an underestimated resource among both business and recreational fishermen. They can spare you space, fixing time, harm and cash. With a touch of arranging and experimentation, you can without much of a stretch form a definitive fishing set-up that will see a genuine improvement in your fishing undertakings. 

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