Gebo Deck Hatch With Flange 500x370 Model RWB6036


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The GEBO standard range of hatches are GEBO's traditional PREMIUM range of hatches. They have a smooth on-deck profile and the frame has been extended to fit flush against the base mounting. A deep groove in the lower frame keeps water from coming in when the hatch is open. 100% watertight when closed. The Gebo standard range is available in 2 styles - with 5mm deep inner flange - or No flange - where the base sits flat on deck.


Made from marine grade anodised aluminium giving long life, excellent corrosion resistance, durability and low maintenance requirements
All GEBO hatches are CE class-A ocean certified
2 year warranty under normal use
40mm height above deck. Silicone rubber seals
2 styles - Internal flange 5mm deep - or NO flange style
Durable 10mm to 15mm thick smoked grey acrylic panels
Heavy duty no-snag adjustable friction hinges hold the hatch open in any position up to 180 deg, including a fully locked ventilation position
Not a single catch, lip or knob for sails or rope lines to get caught on
Inside / outside opening handles with sturdy blue locking button
All hinges and metal parts are made from non-corrosive materials
Mosquito/fly screens, inner dress rims and spare parts available
Hatches WITH flange have a 55mm cut-out radius
Hatches WITHOUT flange have a 30mm cut-out radius (except 6033)
NB: Category A – Ocean: covers largely self-sufficient boats designed for extended voyages with winds of over Beaufort Force 8 (over 40 knots), and significant wave heights above 13 feet, but excluding abnormal conditions such as hurricanes.


SKU Cutout Size mm Cutout Radius Overall Size mm Radius Acrylic Thickness Mosquito Screen Inner Rim Alum. Fly-Bind Combo
RWB6035 450 x 320 55mm 505 x 375 83mm 10mm RWB6143 RWB6100
RWB6036 500 x 370 55mm 555 x 425 83mm 10mm RWB6144 RWB6217 RWB6101
RWB6037 500 x 500 55mm 555 x 555 83mm 10mm RWB6145 RWB6218 RWB6102
RWB6038 620 x 620 55mm 675 x 675 83mm 15mm RWB6146 RWB6219 RWB6103
RWB6039 680 x 550 55mm 735 x 615 83mm 15mm RWB6147 RWB6220
RWB6040 900 x 600 55mm 955 x 655 83mm 15mm RWB6148
RWB6041 1150 x 750 55mm 1205 x 805 83mm 15mm RWB6149

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