Multiflex Boat Cable Steering Kit 16Ft 4.88m (Boxed Kit)


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Multiflex Boxed Boat Cable Steering Kit - 16 Ft (4.88M) - RWB7660 (with Planetary Helm, Bezel Kit and Cable)

Easily replace your trailer boat's steering cable and helm!

Suits: Most outboard powered trailerboats under 6 metres and under 150HP* (*Excludes boats with engine flutter, heavy, or excessively powered boats, or boats that travel over 38 knots).
You will need to select the correct length cable (explained below).

Multiflex steering cables are quick connect steering cables with stainless steel ends which enable the cable to be attached directly to the tilt tube on all popular brands of engines.
The cables have a minimum bend radius of 200mm and a stroke length of 228mm.
These cables are compatible with most Teleflex and Ultraflex helms and cables, and other brands.
Kits are available in cable lengths from 8 foot (2.43 metre) to 22 foot (6.70 metre).

A quality planetary geared helm for smoother steering,
90 degree helm bezel kit with all mounting hardware,
The quick connect steering cable with stainless steel ends.
How to measure cable length required:

Add A + B + C and subtract 100mm for each 90 degree bend in the cable. (Refer to the attached diagram picture - note C is only half the boat width - measure from the side of boat to the centreline of the boat only).
For installation through the engine tilt tube, add 305mm (1 ft) to the measure calculated above
When measuring cable length in millimetres (mm) divide by 305 to convert to feet) and then round up to the next whole foot.

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