Jabsco Deluxe Silent Flush Electric Toilet - 24V - Compact Height - Vertical Back - Salt Water Flush (J10-147)


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Jabsco Deluxe Silent Flush Electric Toilet - 24V

Compact Height - Vertical Back - Salt Water Flush Toilet (J10-147)

Deluxe Silent Flush Electric Toilets - Vertical Back Salt Water Rinse

J10-147 - 24 Volt - Compact Height - Jabsco 58280-1024

Modern elegant space saving design – Virtually silent operation
Very quiet, non clogging large bore centrifugal macerating flush pump
Household height 425mm bowl or compact height 350mm bowl
Straight vertical back or slanted back style bowls
Comfortable household sized seat and lid in both bowl heights
Fresh water or salt water intake, 12 or 24v models
Choice of flush cycles for minimal water usage (1 litre)
Wiring and plumbing concealed within high gloss vitreous china bowl
Crevice-free contoured bowl for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning
Multifunction one-touch control pad offering 4 rinse and flush options
Maximum discharge height – 2 metres above base of toilet
The new Jabsco deluxe silent flush electric toilet range is Jabsco’s latest offering to the top of the range electric toilet market. Jabsco have optimised all design aspects to give style, comfort, virtually silent operation, minimal water usage, one touch control pad, non-clogging pump unit, low amp draw (less than 1 amp / hour per day), no “dirt traps”, compact footprint, concealed wiring and plumbing and more.

All Jabsco deluxe silent flush toilets have a “quick flush” which uses only 1 litre of water and “flush” which rinses and empties the bowl twice and uses 2.5 litres of water from “dry bowl”. They also include a Jabsco touch pad controller with 3 metre cable and a “sealed for life” controller box.

The one touch control pad offers four options – Fill, Quick Flush, Flush or Empty. In addition the owner can set the control at any time for wet bowl or dry bowl. The dry bowl setting minimises water usage.

Even if the bowl is left dry there is an anti-odour water lock in the pump housing. If water usage is not a concern the wet bowl setting adds one litre of water after flushing, ready for the next user.

Vertical Back Models - Vertical straight back bowl allows snug fitting against a vertical bulkhead.

Slanted Back Models – Has a small base footprint and makes it easy to mount against a sloping surface, or in a corner.

Household Height Bowl Models - Full 425mm bowl height - 445mm including seat for comfort you are used to at home.

Compact Height Bowl Models – 350mm bowl height – 370mm including seat – seat is still full household size for comfort.

Salt Water Flush Models - Includes a silent running, remote mounted, self-priming Jabsco electric diaphragm pump to bring in ocean salt water to rinse the bowl. Includes a pump-guard strainer and touch pad control.

Fresh Water Flush Models – The most ideal system as it eliminates smell from salt water. Uses the boats existing fresh water pressure pump (Must be 11 LPM or higher) to pump rinse water from the boats fresh water tank. Supplied with touch pad control and a solenoid valve and siphon breaker assembly to ensure there is no backflow into the fresh water system.


Slanted Back Fresh Water Rinse

J10-140 12 volt Compact height (Jabsco 58060-1012)
J10-141 24 volt Compact height (Jabsco 58060-1024)
J10-131 12 volt Household height (Jabsco 58020-1012)
J10-132 24 volt Household height (Jabsco 58020-1024)
Slanted Back Salt Water Rinse

J10-142 12 volt Compact height (Jabsco 58260-1012)
J10-143 24 volt Compact height (Jabsco 58260-1024)
J10-133 12 volt Household height (Jabsco 58220-1012)
J10-134 24 volt Household height (Jabsco 58220-1024)
Vertical Back Fresh Water Rinse

J10-144 12 volt Compact height (Jabsco 58080-1012)
J10-145 24 volt Compact height (Jabsco 58080-1024)
J10-135 12 volt Household height (Jabsco 58040-1012)
J10-136 24 volt Household height (Jabsco 58040-1024)
Vertical Back Salt Water Rinse

J10-146 12 volt Compact height (Jabsco 58280-1012)
J10-147 24 volt Compact height (Jabsco 58280-1024)
J10-137 12 volt Household height (Jabsco 58240-1012)
J10-138 24 volt Household height (Jabsco 58240-1024)


Jabsco Deluxe Silent Flush Toilet Information and Dimensions

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